Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 3, page 3

  1. Next, we will create the datastore that will contain student information. We call the store STUD and we designate its ID as DS1 (We had designated the STUD datastore DS1 in our DFD in Lesson 2).

    Figure 3.13

    Figure 3.13: The Create Datastore Window

    Figure 3.14

    Figure 3.14: The Process Diagram with the Datastore named STUD

  2. Using step 14, create two more datastores (CRSE with ID as DS2, and ENROL with ID as DS3) in the Registrar's Office. Your updated process model should look like Figure 3.15. Please note that the relative positions of the different processes and datastores in the lane for Registrar's Office maybe different in your case.

    Figure 3.15

    Figure 3.15: The process model with the two new datastores, CRSE and ENROL

  3. Next, we will create a dataflow called student_request from the external called "Student" to the process called "Check Student Status". To do so:

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