Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 5, page 2

  1. The first thing needed in order to create an E-R diagram is to create an entity. To do that, click on the following icon in the upper toolbar.

    Create Entity

  2. Drop it on your screen (See Figure 5.5). Immediately the Create Entity window will pop up. Type in the name, shortname and the plural name (if you want it different from the name) on the tabs. Here we will call it STUDENT, shortname: STUD and plural name as STUDENTS. Click OK.

    Figure 5.5

    Figure 5.5: The Create Entity Window

  3. Your entity relationship diagram with the single entity should now look like Figure 5.6.

    Figure 5.6

    Figure 5.6: The E-R Diagram with the single Entity

  4. Click on the entity icon again and repeat steps 2 and 3. The Create Entity window will pop up again. Only we name it as COURSES (corresponds to the CRSE datastore created in lesson 2 and 3), with short name COUR, and plural COURSES. (See Figure 5.7). In this way you can create as many entities as you want.

    Figure 5.7

    Figure 5.7: The Create Entity window for the Course entity

  5. Your E-R diagram should now look like Figure 5.8.

    Figure 5.8

    Figure 5.8: The E-R Diagram with the two entities

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