Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 6

In this lesson we will learn to transform the conceptual data model (the E-R model created in lesson 5) to actual tables in the database.

To do this:

  1. While your E-R model is still open, go to Utilities -> Database Design Transformer. (See Figure 6.1).

    Figure 6.1

    Figure 6.1: The Utilities Drop-Down Menu in the E-R Diagrammer

  2. The dialog box for the database Design Transformer will appear. Make sure that "Run the transformer" and "All entities" are selected and press the Run button. (See Figure 6.2).

    Figure 6.2

    Figure 6.2: The Run Transformer Window

  3. You will notice that the Database Design Transformer Output Window will pop up showing you the status of the transformation. When it will show "Waiting for Close to be pressed", press the Close button. (See Figure 6.3).

    Figure 6.3

    Figure 6.3: The Database Design Transformer Output Window

  4. Now go to the Designer/2000 launchpad once again and select the Design Editor. (See Figure 6.4).

    Figure 6.4

    Figure 6.4: The Designer/2000 Launchpad

  5. You will see the Design Editor Welcome Screen. Select the Server Model Option, and click OK. (See Figure 6.5).

    Figure 6.5

    Figure 6.5: The Welcome to the Design Editor Screen

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