Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 6, page 2

  1. You will see the window for "Use a Guide." Cancel it by clicking the 'X' and you will come to the main window with the relational table definitions on your left. (See Figure 6.6).

    Figure 6.6

    Figure 6.6: The Design Editor Use A Guide Screen

  2. Click on the "+" sign beside the Relational Table Definitions to view all the tables that the Database Design Transformer has created, select one of the table, press the Shift key and click on your mouse to select the others, and then right click on your mouse. You will see the small window appear as in Figure 6.7. Select Show on New Diagram.

    Figure 6.7

    Figure 6.7: The Design Editor Server Model Screen

  3. The Server Model Diagram will appear on your right as in Figure 6.8 with the * sign beside STUDID signifying it to be the identifier for STUDENT entity. The alphabet 'A' beside each attribute signifies that they are character attributes, whereas the numbers '789' beside the Start_Year signifies that it is a number attribute

    Figure 6.8

    Figure 6.8: The Server Model Diagram Screen

  4. Click on the following from the upper right corner of the server model diagram.

    Maximize window

  5. Once your diagram is enlarged, zoom out by clicking the following icon on your toolbar.

    Zoom out

  6. Your server model should look like Figure 6.9.

    Figure 6.9

    Figure 6.9: The Full Server Model

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