Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 6, page 3

  1. Now select Generate -> Generate Database from Server Model. (See Figure 6.10).

    Figure 6.10

    Figure 6.10: The Generate Drop-Down Menu

  2. Once the Generate Database window appears, change type to Oracle 7.3 (the version of oracle that you are using), select the Database Option, and type in your username, password and connect_string (it will be the same username, password and connect that you used to log in not the one that is being shown in the figure). Do not click Start yet. (See Figure 6.11).

    Figure 6.11

    Figure 6.11: The Generate Database from Server Model Window

  3. Move to the Objects tab, click on the folder beside Relational tables under Don't Generate. Select all the tables and then click the right double arrow icon to move all the objects in to the Generate List. Your figure should now look like Figure 6.12.

    Figure 6.12

    Figure 6.12: The Objects Tab in the Generate Database from Server Model Window

  4. Now click the Start button.

  5. The Generation Complete window will appear. (See Figure 6.13).

  6. Select "Execute DDL" button to create the database tables. (See Figure 6.13).

    Figure 6.13

    Figure 6.13: The DDL Generation Complete Window

  7. DDL execution complete, and the three table Student, Course and Course_Student have been physically created. You can check this in SQL*Plus using the desc <table> command. (See Figure 6.14).

    Figure 6.14

    Figure 6.14: The DDL Execution Complete window

Lesson Summary:

In this lesson you learned to transform an E-R model to a Server Model and then convert it to actual tables with rows and columns using the database Design Transformer.

Next, we will learn how to create a CRUD matrix using the matrix Diagrammer. For this proceed to lesson 7.

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