Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 7, page 2

  1. Using a similar method, go to the Edit Function window for Update Student Records (SRS1.2), select Student as its entity, and check Retrieve and Update as its CRUD properties. (See Figure 7.7).

    Figure 7.7

    Figure 7.7: Selecting the entity usages for SRS1.2

  2. Now use the same method again to specify the entity usages for the function Delete Student Records (SRS1.3). Select Student as its entity, click on the Retrieve and Delete check boxes, and click OK. (See Figure 7.8). Now save your diagram by File -> Save Diagram and exit out of the Function Hierarchy Diagrammer.

    Figure 7.8

    Figure 7.8: Entity usages window for SRS1.3

  3. Now go to the Matrix Diagrammer by selecting Matrix from the Designer/2000 launchpad (See Figure 7.9a) or by selecting the Matrix Diagrammer from the tools menu of the Repository Object Navigator. (See Figure 7.9b).

    Figure 7.9a

    Figure 7.9a: Selecting the Matrix from the Designer/2000 launchpad

    Figure 7.9b

    Figure 7.9b: Selecting the Matrix Diagrammer from the RON

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