Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 7

  1. When in the Matrix Diagrammer, select File -> New. (See Figure 7.10).

    Figure 7.10

    Figure 7.10: Creating a new matrix diagram

  2. You will now see the New Matrix window. (See Figure 7.11).

    Figure 7.11

    Figure 7.11: The New Matrix Window

  3. By this time you will already have created some functions and entities in your application. You will now have to specify your row elements. Here we will select our business functions to be displayed in the row and our entities to be selected in our column. Just double-click the two elements and they will be displayed in their respective boxes (See Figure 7.12). Then, just click OK.

    Figure 7.12

    Figure 7.12: The New matrix Window with the selected row and column elements

  4. Once you click OK, you will see the Settings window with the three tabs for Row, Column and Intersection of the Row and Column.

  5. By default, the Row tab will be selected displaying the various properties that you can select to display them in the Matrix Diagram. Here we will check the label, short definition, master function and parent function of the business functions to be displayed in the diagram. (See Figure 7.13).

    Figure 7.13

    Figure 7.13: The Settings Window with the properties for the row elements

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