Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 8

In this lesson you will learn:

What Is Developer/2000?

Developer/2000 is an Oracle tool that helps you to create forms and reports based on the tables that you have created using Designer/2000. You can use Developer/2000 to:

Tools Provided By Oracle Developer/2000

Oracle Developer/2000 provides four tools:

Logging On to Developer/2000

  1. To log on to Developer/2000, go to Start-> Developer R2.1 and select Form Builder (See Figure 8.1)

    Figure 8.1

    Figure 8.1: The Start Menu for Logging in to Developer/2000

  2. Immediately, you will see the window for Developer/2000 Form Builder for Windows 95/NT with the sub-window for Welcome to Form Builder. (See Figure 8.2)

    Figure 8.2

    Figure 8.2: The Form Builder window

  3. Select 'Use the Datablock Wizard' and click OK--This is the easiest method to design a new form.

  4. You will now see the Welcome to the Datablock Wizard Window. Click Next to proceed. (See Figure 8.3)

    Figure 8.3

    Figure 8.3: Welcome to Datablock Wizard Window

  5. You will now see the window for the Datablock Wizard. Select Table or View as in the figure and click Next. (See Figure 8.4)

    Figure 8.4

    Figure 8.4: The Datablock Wizard Window

  6. You will now see the window that prompts you to select a table or a view--your form will be created based on this selection. Since no table or view is being shown, click on browse to look at the list of tables and views in your database. (See Figure 8.5)

    Figure 8.5

    Figure 8.5: The window for selecting the base table

  7. Once you click browse, the connect window will appear. Type in your username, password and database to connect to the database. (See Figure 8.6)

    Figure 8.6

    Figure 8.6: The Connect String Window

    (We typed "server" in the Database field because our data resides on a central server. If your data resides on your personal hard drive, this field can be blank.)

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