Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 8, page 2

  1. You will now see the tables window. Select current users and tables and click OK. (See Figure 8.7)

    Figure 8.7

    Figure 8.7: The Tables Window

  2. You will now see the list of tables created in your database. Select Students and click OK. (See Figure 8.8)

    Figure 8.8

    Figure 8.8: The window with the list of tables in the database

  3. You will now see your selected table and its available columns on your screen. Click on the single right arrow to select the first column to be shown in your form; in this case the STUDID column. You will now see this column under the database items selected sub-window. (See Figure 8.9)

    Figure 8.9

    Figure 8.9: The window with the selected table and its available columns.

  4. To move the rest of the columns, simply click on the double right arrow and this will select all your columns in to the database items. (See Figure 8.10)

    Figure 8.10

    Figure 8.10: The Database Wizard Window with all the selected columns of the base table

  5. You will now see the Congratulations window. Make sure that "Create the data block, then call the Layout Wizard" is selected and click on Finish. (See Figure 8.11)

    Figure 8.11

    Figure 8.11: The Data Block Wizard Congratulations Window

  6. You will now see the Layout Wizard, prompting you to select the items that you would like to show in the form. Make sure that the data block selected is Students and then click the double right arrow to move all the columns of the Student block from the available items to the displayed items. Click on Next to continue. (See Figure 8.12)

    Figure 8.12

    Figure 8.12: The Layout Wizard Window

  7. The window with the prompt for the height and width of the items will appear. Click Next to accept the default values. (See Figure 8.13)

    Figure 8.13

    Figure 8.13: The window displaying the height and width of the items selected

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