Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 8, page 3

  1. The Layout Wizard will now prompt you to select the layout or view style of your block. Select Form and click Next. (See Figure 8.14)

    Figure 8.14

    Figure 8.14: The window for selecting the layout style of the selected table

  2. The Layout Wizard will now prompt you to select a title for the form that you are creating. Type in Student Records. Click Next to continue. (See Figure 8.15)

    Figure 8.15

    Figure 8.15: The Window for selecting the appropriate title for the Form

  3. Congratulations! You have now successfully created your first form. Click Finish to view your form. (See Figure 8.16)

    Figure 8.16

    Figure 8.16: The Layout Wizard Congratulations Window

  4. You will now see the canvas view of the form that you have created. You can now add various objects like push buttons, combo boxes and radio buttons to your form to make it more graphical and user friendly. We will do this in the next lesson. (See Figure 8.17)

    Figure 8.17

    Figure 8.17: The canvas view of the newly created form

  5. You can now format the form manually. Click on the frame to select it. Then drag the frame to make it bigger. (See Figure 8.18)

    Figure 8.18

    Figure 8.18: Formatting the size of the frame

  6. You can now space out the data fields to make your form more visually appealing. You can do this by simply selecting the data field and dragging it to your desired area. (See Figure 8.19)

    Figure 8.19

    Figure 8.19: Spacing out the data fields

  7. After you have formatted all the data fields, your form should look like Figure 8.20.

    Figure 8.20

    Figure 8.20: The formatted form

Lesson Summary

In this lesson you have learned:

Next, you will learn to add more objects and functionality to your basic form. For this, proceed to Lesson 9.

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