Chapter Fourteen

Batch processing Information that is collected or generated at some predetermined time interval and can be accessed via hard copy or on-line devices.
External information Information that is collected from or created for individuals and groups external to an organization. See also Internal information.
Form A business document that contains some pre-defined data and may include some areas where additional data are to be filled in. An instance of a form is typically based on one database record.
Internal information Information that is collected, generated, or consumed within an organization. See also External information.
On-line processing The collection and delivery of the most recent available information, typically through an on-line workstation.
Report A business document that contains only pre-defined data; that is, it is a passive document used solely for reading or viewing. A report typically contains data from many unrelated records or transactions.
Turnaround document Information that is delivered to an external customer as an output that can be returned to provide new information as an input to an information system.
Usability An overall evaluation of how a system performs in supporting a particular user for a particular task.

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