Chapter Twenty-One

Adaptive maintenance Changes made to a system to evolve its functionality to changing business needs or technologies.
Baseline modules Software modules that have been tested, documented, and approved to be included in the most recently created version of a system.
Build routines Guidelines that list the instructions to construct an executable system from the baseline source code.
Configuration management The process of assuring that only authorized changes are made to a system.
Corrective maintenance Changes made to a system to repair flaws in its design, coding, or implementation.
Maintainability The ease with which software can be understood, corrected, adapted, and enhanced.
Maintenance The final phase of the SDLC in which an information system is systematically repaired and improved; or changes made to a system to fix or enhance its functionality. See also Adaptive maintenance, Corrective maintenance, Perfective maintenance, Preventive maintenance.
Mean time between failures (MTBF) A measurement of error occurrences that can be tracked over time to indicate the quality of a system.
Perfective maintenance Changes made to a system to add new features or to improve performance.
Preventive maintenance Changes made to a system to avoid possible future problems.
System librarian A person responsible for controlling the checking-out and checking-in of baseline modules for a system when a system is being developed or maintained.

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