Chapter Three

Critical path scheduling A scheduling technique where the order and duration of a sequence of activities directly affect the completion date of a project.
Gantt chart A graphical representation of a project that shows each task activity as a horizontal bar whose length is proportional to its time for completion.
PERT chart A diagram that depicts project activities and their inter-relationships. PERT stands for Program Evaluation Review Technique.
Project A planned undertaking of related activities to reach an objective that has a beginning and an end.
Project close-down The final phase of the project management process that focuses on bringing a project to an end.
Project execution The third phase of the project management process in which the plans created in the prior phases (project initiation and planning) are put into action.
Project initiation The first phase of the project management process in which activities are performed to assess the size, scope, and complexity of the project and to establish procedures to support later project activities.
Project management A controlled process of initiating, planning, executing, and closing down a project.
Project manager An individual with a diverse set of skills--management, leadership, technical, conflict management, and customer relationship--who is responsible for initiating, planning, executing, and closing down a project.
Project planning The second phase of the project management process which focuses on defining clear, discrete activities and the work needed to complete each activity within a single project.
Project workbook An on-line or hard copy repository for all project correspondence, inputs, outputs, deliverables, procedures, and standards that is used for performing project audits, orientation of new team members, communication with management and customers, scoping future projects, and performing post-project reviews. See also Repository.
Resource Any person, group of people, piece of equipment, or material used in accomplishing an activity.
Slack time The amount of time that an activity can be delayed without delaying the project.
Work breakdown structure The process of dividing the project into manageable tasks and logically ordering them to ensure a smooth evolution between tasks.

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