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Decision support systems (DSS) Computer-based systems designed to help organization members make decisions; usually composed of a database, model base, and dialogue system. See also DSS Generators.
DSS generators General purpose computer-based tools used to develop specific decision support systems.
Exclusive relationships A set of relationships for which an entity instance can participate in only one of the relationships at a time.
Executive information systems See Executive support systems.
Executive support systems Computer-based systems developed to support the information-intensive but limited-time decision making of executives (also referred to as executive information systems).
Expert systems Computer-based systems designed to mimic the performance of human experts.
Knowledge engineers  Computer professionals whose job it is to elicit knowledge from domain experts in order to develop expert systems.
Management information systems (MIS) Computer-based systems designed to provide standard reports for managers about transaction data.
Transaction processing systems (TPS) Computer-based versions of manual organization systems dedicated to handling the organization‚s transactions; e.g., payroll.
Transactions Individual, simple events in the life of an organization that contain data about organizational activity.

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