This area includes a number of useful web links which should help you get started finding areas about systems analysis and design, CASE tools, and information systems on the World Wide Web.

CASE Tool Information
CASE Companies
Systems Analysis and Design
Introductory Articles About Information Systems
Information Systems Lists
General MIS Sites

CASE Tool Information

Public domain CASE tools web page
An index of shareware and freeware CASE tools available on the Web. Many of the tools can be downloaded directly from this site.

MetaCASE home page
Website dealing with issues related to MetaCASE tools.

I-CASE web site
The Integrated CASE website contains much useful information about I-CASE products.

Methods & Tools
A newsletter to improve the development of information systems.

CASE Tools for Windows

List of CASE tools and CASE vendors

CASE Companies

The following companies design/sell CASE products:

LogicWorks is a vendor of CASE tools, with special emphasis on database modeling.

Texas Instruments

Visible Systems


Microgold Software Inc.
WithClass Tool

Joosen Software Development
Fed-CASE Tool

Verilog Inc.

Intersolv Inc.
Excelerator OO A&D Tool


CGI Systems Inc.


CSA Inc.
Silverrun Tool


Oracle Corporation


Cayenne Software, Inc.


Reliance Consulting Inc.

Reasoning Systems


Ipsys Software

MetaCase Consulting
MetaEdit Tool

Clear Lake Lab (formerly ProtoSoft)

Structured Technology Group

Object International

A CASE tool which has been specifically developed for education.

Systems Analysis and Design

ISWorld Net Undergraduate Course Page
Undergraduate Systems Analysis and Design course page.

Software Design References
Index of schools with software design, system design, and IS design home pages.

PR-Tracker is a tool that helps project managers track software bugs with problem reports. This tool can be downloaded from

Introductory Articles About Information Systems

CEOs click on IT: Business executives are learning more about Information Technology.

Why Information Systems are Important
This detailed and well presented area provides a good introduction to Information Systems issues.

Why General Managers Need to Understand Information Systems

Information Systems Lists

Information Systems Meta-List
A comprehensive list of information resources on the Internet.

Information Systems Resources
A list of information systems resources, grouped by subject, of general interest to IS educators.

A Business Researcher's Interests
An extremely valuable resource for all manner of information relating to information systems.


Interactive Age Digital, The Online Newspaper for Electronic Commerce
Links to online publications produced by CMP publications, including Electronic Buyers' News, Network Computing, and Communications Week.

Crossroads (ACM): The ACM Student Magazine
ACM is an international organization which promotes information technology. Crossroads is an effort of students around the world who collaborate to produce an ACM student publication.

DBMS Magazine
A magazine devoted to database and client-server solutions.

General MIS sites

Center for IS Management
A service of the Center for IS Management at UT-Austin, this area provides a discussion forum for MIS issues and access to on-line research papers.

Infosys Junction
A repository for dynamic IS information, such as conference announcements and calls for papers, as well as directories of research centers, IS groups and journals.

MISQ Central
This electronic extension of MIS Quarterly includes past issue archives, "MISQ Discovery" (an experimental electronic forum), and article abstracts.

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