HyperCase: A Hypertext-Based Case for
Training Systems Analysts

Original Concept & Design:
Kenneth E. Kendall , Julie E. Kendall
Richard L. Baskerville and Raymond J. Barnes

HyperCase 2.01 Design  Coordinator:
Allen Schmidt

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HyperCase depicts a fictional company, Maple Ridge Engineering (MRE), based on real-life problems from the authors' consulting experiences. All of the people, names, products, events, companies,  and/or data used in HyperCase are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

HyperCase is available free of charge to educators and students who meet certain qualifications. Send an email to Ken Kendall for more information. Send comments about the design of HyperCase 2.01 to Allen Schmidt.

The authors of HyperCase reserve all rights to HyperCase, Maple Ridge Engineering (MRE), and any other episodes of HyperCase.

To learn more about HyperCase, visit the site: HyperCase Pedagogy

HyperCase is a registered trademark of Raymond J. Barnes, Richard L. Baskerville, Julie E. Kendall, and Kenneth E. Kendall
1992,1995, 1999 by  Julie E. Kendall, Kenneth E. Kendall, Raymond J. Barnes, Richard L. Baskerville, and Allen Schmidt