Quantitative Analysis for Management
Sixth Edition

Barry Render Ralph M. Stair, Jr.

Welcome to one of the most exciting and stimulating new concepts in management science education today. This internet home page for our book, Quantitative Analysis for Management, Sixth edition, is designed to make your course in quantitative analysis, management science, or operations research more valuable and interesting. Its purpose is to provide an innovative way to access new material and additional case studies. It is closely linked with the companies highlighted QA in Action boxes and Real World Modeling boxes throughout out the text. The material in this home page is structured in a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Case Studies

There are 18 case studies available to you through this home page that do not appear in your text. For example, if you enter Chapter 3 below, which addresses Decision Theory, you will find the Ruth Jones' Heart Bypass case and the Drink-at-Home case. These allow for more in-depth treatment of the subject and supplement the Blake Electronics case in Chapter 3 of the book. Solutions to the cases on this home page are available to the instructor by email request to the authors.

Companies You Can Study Through this Internet Location

Throughout your textbook, dozens of companies are described in QA in Action boxes and in Real World Modeling boxes. An internet icon appears next to most boxes for firms that we provide easy linkages to. We list those companies on a chapter-by-chapter basis. For example, American Airlines' home page can be reached directly by hypertext link in Chapter 11 below. By highlighting the American Airlines name, we allow you to quickly and easily reach that home page.

Once you have "arrived at" this address, you have two choices:

  1. As a formal part of your study, as indicated by your instructor, you may be asked to answer specific questions. Your professor, for example, may ask you to complete the site-visit questionnaire that appears as you enter a company's home page. This form is easy to fill out and email back to your instructor after you have completed your visit and carefully examined the company site.

  2. As an informal part of your study, you can enhance your understanding of the concepts in this book and their real-world settings by investigating the site highlighted. Net surfing can be fun and insightful. Most large companies advertise their job openings through their home pages, so you see what kind of job opportunities in management science and other areas are available by browsing web sites through our books.

In either case, we always welcome feedback and new ideas for both our book and this home page. Feel free to email either one of us. Our email addresses are brender@rollins.edu and rstair@cob.fsu.edu.

QM for Windows

QM for windows is the decision support software that is illustrated throughout this book and is available to readers. As with any software package, updates are a constant process. To receive the latest information about this program, you can link directly to QM for Windows home page through this internet address: http://www.prenhall.com/weiss

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