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Operations Management

Solutions Manual

Chapter 1 Introduction to Operations and Competitiveness
Solutions Manual CHAP01.html
Chapter 2 Operations Strategy
Solutions Manual CHAP02.html
Chapter 2 Supplement Operational Decision-Making Tools: Decision Analysis
Solutions Manual Chap2-S.html
Chapter 3 Quality Management
Solutions Manual CHAP03.HTML
Chapter 4 Statistical Quality Control
Solutions Manual CHAP04.HTML
Chapter 5 Product and Service Design
Solutions Manual CHAP05.html
Chapter 6 Process Planning and Technology Decisions
Solutions Manual CHAP06.html
Chapter 7 Facility Layout
Solutions Manual CHAP07.html
Chapter 8 Human Resources in Operations Management
Solutions Manual CHAP08.html
Chapter 9 Supply Chain Management
Solutions Manual CHAP09.HTML
Chapter 9 Supplement Operational Decisions-Making Tools: The Transporation Method
Solutions Manual CHAP09S(1).HTML
Chapter 10 Forecasting
Solutions Manual CHAP10.HTML
Chapter 11 Capacity Planning and Aggregate Production Planning
Solutions Manual CHAP11.HTML
Chapter 11 Supplement Operational Decisions-Making Tools: Linear Programming
Solutions Manual CHAP11S.HTML
Chapter 12 Inventory Management
Solutions Manual CHAP12.HTML
Chapter 12 Supplement Operational Decisions-Making Tools: Simulation
Solutions Manual CHAP12S.HTML
Chapter 13 Material Requirements Planning
Solutions Manual CHAP13.HTML
Chapter 14 Scheduling
Solutions Manual CHAP14.HTML
Chapter 15 Just-in-Time Systems
Solutions Manual CHAP15.HTML
Chapter 16 Queuing Analysis
Solutions Manual CHAP16.HTML
Chapter 17 Project Management
Solutions Manual CHAP17.HTML

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