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By Efraim Turban and Jay E. Aronson

Welcome to the Web Site of Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems, by Efraim Turban and Jay E. Aronson, 5th Edition, 1998. When Decision Support Systems were developed in the 1970s, managers wanted a more proactive approach to computing. They wanted computer systems to help them apply their expertise in their decision making. This proactive approach involved not just data and data management, but also, models of their decision making, and ultimately a friendly user interface for direct access. Now, many of these developments appear in modern productivity software. Decision Support Systems have evolved to include Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS), Executive Information Systems (EIS), and the many aspects of database management, model base management and user interfaces. Artificial Intelligence as an applied discipline is making major inroads in assisting decision makers by providing expertise where needed, and by automating many tasks that human beings do slowly. These systems are found in all disciplines. AI technologies include expert systems, natural language processing, neural computing, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, intelligent agents, etc.

The Text: The text covers all aspects of Decision Support Systems: decision making concepts and models, history, definitions, database management (including late breaking developments in data warehousing, multimedia databases, object-oriented databases, OLAP, etc.), modeling and model base management, user interfaces, AI in DSS, Collaborative Computing - networked DSS and Groupware, and Executive Information Systems. The text also covers the AI areas of expert systems including knowledge representations, knowledge acquisition, knowledge engineering, development and deployment, machine learning (automatic knowledge discovery in data), neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, intelligent agents, knowledge management and organizational learning, creativity support, etc., and, the implementation and integration of DSS and IS, along with societal impacts and future research.

The Web Site: In the text, we cover these exciting developments in information technology. The fields are changing rapidly. So, in this Web Site, we provide additional support that includes reading materials, appendices, cases, links, exercises, and late breaking developments in the areas. A Web Site can be viewed as a living document: the Site is always evolving to reflect the state-of-the-art. If you have any questions about the site or the book, or have ideas on how to improve them, please email us.

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