Equation Editor

To graph a function, the equation must be entered into the calculator. Select the Graph option from the main menu or press from the graph to view the equation editor screen where up to 20 equations may be entered.

An equation is deleted using the cursor to select the unwanted equation and pressing . To enter an equation, press until an empty y= line occurs.
Type the equation and press .

The color of an equation can be changed by pressing and choosing the color with the menu keys.

To change the type of equation press and choose Y=, polar, parametric, or vertcal line with the menu keys or an inequality by pressing and then the corresponding menu key.

To view a graph press .

Note: An equation can be selected or deselected by pressing . Deselected equations still exist but are not graphed.

Any character in an equation can be deleted. Highlight the character and press .

Characters can be inserted in an equation. Highlight the entry after which the characters are to be inserted and press .