Angles are applied in two primary modes: degrees and radians. Set up the mode accordingly. Press MENU 1 to access the RUN-MAT screen.

Warning Most calculator errors in trigonometry occur because the calculator is in the wrong angle set up mode.

To set up the angle mode, press CTRL SETUP (located above the F3 key). Navigate to Angle. Press F1 to select Deg for degree mode or press F2 to select Rad for radian mode. We also recommend that Display be set to Normal (press the thumb pad down arrow several times to locate Display). After set up, press EXE to return to the RUN-MAT home screen.

Degree Mode

In degree mode, angles can be entered as decimal degrees (DD) or degress-minutes-seconds (DMS). For example, to evaluate tan(17°43'25"), press

tan (
1 7 OPTN F6 (to see more options)
F3 (to access ANGL) 4 (to select a DMS entry)
4 3 F3 4
2 5 F3 4

While in degree mode, you can convert radians to degrees. For example, to convert 1.23 radians to degrees, press

1 . 2 3

F3 (to access ANGL) [if needed, OPTN F6 to see ANGL]

2 (to select 2:r )

EXE [Hence, 1.23r 70.4738°.]

Radian Mode

Set the calculator to RADIAN mode. Radian angles can then be entered as ordinary numbers. For example, to evaluate sin(π/4), press

sin (
SHIFT π (located above the EXP key)
4 ) EXE

While in radian mode, you can convert degrees to radians. Enter the angle using the DMS symbols. For example, to convert 17°43'25" to radians, press

1 7 OPTN F6 F3 4

4 3 F3 4

2 5 F3 4

EXE This converts DMS to DD.

SHIFT Ans (located above the (-) key)

x SHIFT π 1 8 0 EXE This converts DD to radians.

Hence, 17°43'25"" .309 radians.