To graph a function, press MENU 3 to access the equation editor and then enter the function. To immediately obtain a graph, press F5 to select DRAW. The resulting graph may have an unsatisfactory appearance.

One adjusts the graph view in one of two ways: zoom and window. To access the zoom menu, press F2 and then make your selection. A good starting point from the zoom menu is to press 6 to access the QUICK selection menu. Select accordingly whether you have a basic function of the type given, or press 7 to select 7:Std, the standard viewing window. To adjust the window directly, press SHIFT V-Window. A good starting point from the View Window is to press F3 to select STD, the standard viewing window. The standard window extends from –10 to 10 on each axis. The standard view settings are shown in the screen at right. In the View Window menu, one may adjust the window to taste.

Problem When graphing trigonometric functions, use radian mode unless directed to otherwise. Hence, if the graph of a trigonometric function is not satisfactory, press MENU 1 to access the RUN-MAT screen. Then press CTRL SETUP and set the Angle mode to Rad. Then, redo the graph. Wrong mode is easily the most common problem in graphing a trigonometric function. For example, the graph below left shows the graph of the sine function, degree mode, in the standard viewing window. Clearly, the graph is not informative. For an informative graph (below middle), press F2 to access the ZOOM window, highlight B:QUICK, press the right thumb pad arrow once to access the QUICK submenu, then press 2 to select 2:Trig. To toggle the graph menu at the bottom of the screen off and on, press CTRL 0.