One can find a point of intersection of two graphs. For example, we find the points of intersection of the parabola x + 3- 7 and the straight line = 2+ 3. First press MENU 3 to access the equation editor. Then enter the parabola as Y1 and the straight line as Y2. After the functions are entered, press F5 to select DRAW. If needed, adjust the view by viewing or by adjusting the window settings.

From the graph screen, press F4 to access the G-SLV menu. Press 5 to select 5: Isect. The Casio marks the leftmost point of intersection and displays the coordinates at the bottom of the screen. To view the next point of intersection to the right, press the right thumb pad arrow once.

You may use the thumb pad arrow to navigate from one point of intersection to another within the view of the window.

An easy way to find the roots of a given function is to enter the function as Y1 and enter Y2=0, the equation for the x-axis. Then find the points of intersection of the two functions.