In the latter part of a calculus course, one begins to work with sequences and series. Press MENU to access the MAIN MENU, then press 5 to select RECUR and access the recursion screen. Press F3 to select TYPE, then press 1 to select 1:an=. Enter the sequential expression; for example, enter an: 1 – 1/n. Enter the variable n by pressing the appropriate function key. When the sequence is entered, press EXE.

After the sequence is defined, press F5 to select TABL and display a table of sequential values (below left). From the table display, press F6 to select G-PLT to see a plot of the sequential points (below middle). If you'd like the points connected, press F5 to select G-CON (below right). Adjust the window to taste by pressing SHIFT V-Window and adjusting the View Window settings

To control how much of the sequence to use for the table or the graph, from the Recursion screen press F5 to select RANG. Enter the starting and ending numbers for n, the press EXE.