The Casio easily makes a table of functional values. Press MENU 3 to access the GRPH-TBL (graph-table) screen. Then, enter one or more functions in the equation editor menu. For example, enter Y1=(X), Y2=X^2, and Y3=X^3.

To view the table of functional values, press F6 to see more options, then press F5 to select TABL. You then see a nice table of functional values. The first column lists x-values, while the second, third, and other columns list corresponding y-values defined by the functions Y1, Y2, Y3.

You may display a custom made table. Press ESC to go back to the equation editor. Press F2 to select RANG and access the Table Range screen. To set up the table, enter numbers for Start:, End: and pitch:

Start: is the starting entry for the table
End: is the ending entry for the table
pitch: is the increment used in constructing the table

For example, to display a table of functional values for x = 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, set Start: to 0, End: to 25, and pitch: to 5. To view the table, press EXE.

One may also create a table of functional values from the graph screen. When a graph is displayed, simply press F5 to select TABL.