Press SHIFT V-Window to access the View Window menu. In the window menu you can enter the settings for the window you want to view the graph of a function.

Xmin: establishes the smallest x-value, the left end of the x-axis.

max: establishes the largest x-value, the right end of the x-axis. Xmax must be larger than the value entered for Xmin.

scale: specifies the spacing between tic marks on the x-axis. To turn off the tic marks, set scale to 0.

Ymin: establishes the smallest y-value, the bottom of the y-axis.

max: establishes the largest y-value, the top of the y-axis. Ymax must be larger than Ymin.

scale: defines the spacing between tic marks along the y-axis. To turn off the marks, set scale to 0.

The screen at the right shows the settings for the standard viewing window. From the View Window menu, press F3 to set the standard window.