Test Menu

The relationship between any two numbers can be compared by selecting one of the test options. Press to view the test menu.

Press the menu key associated with a symbol.

Two numbers are taken off the stack and compared. A 1 will be returned if the test is true and a 0 if it is false. For example, the test, 4 7 > , returns a value of 0 since 4 is not greater than 7.

Tests can also be made within algebraic statements such as

' x = 9 ' or 'x < 2.5'

The result of such tests depends upon the value of the variable x. This type of comparison is often used to control the domain over which a graph is drawn. See note.

Note: To graph a function over a domain, first press to edit the function.

Put parentheses around the entire function and multiply it by each restriction raised to the power of -1, or divide by each restriction.

Press .

When the statements are true it simply multiplies the function by 1-1 or 1, but when either of the restrictions is false the calculator will try to calculate 0-1, which is undefined, and cannot graph a value for that part of the function. Press .