Frequency Distributions, Plots, Printouts

To enter data from a frequency distribution. First enter all the data into the calculator. Use this sample frequency distribution.

First press . (this screen will appear)

Make sure "EDIT" is highlighted then press .
(this screen will appear)

First type all the values into L1 , one at a time remembering to press after each one.

Next, Arrow right to list 2. (The flasher will automatically return to the top of the list.)
Type the frequencies into L2 remembering to press after each one. (you will end with this screen).

To calculate the basic descriptive statistics of this data first press

Arrow right to "CALC"
"1: 1-VAR STAT" should be highlighted

Now press . (You should see this screen)

To display the descriptive statistics press comma

NOTE: The list preceding the comma has to be the list containing the x-values ,and the list following the comma has to be the list containing the corresponding frequencies.

This display is called the "Basic Descriptive Statistics."

By pressing the Arrow down key repeatedly you may view the Tukey 5-number summary.

To see a histogram, box plot, or scatter plot from a frequency distribution you must go to the STAT PLOT function of the calculator. Press Y=

" 1: Plot 1..." should be highlighted, now press

(This screen will appear) Highlight "ON" and press

Arrow down and right to the desired graph. (a scatter plot)

Press (see screen)

This part is different.
Make sure
Xlist : L1
Ylist : L2

[ L1, L2, L3,etc. are found as 2nd functions above 1, 2, 3 etc.]

( Remember you still must adjust the to fit your data, or use )

X-min: 1 , X-max: 8 , X-scl: 1, Y-min: 0 , Y-max: 7 , X-scl: 1

Press . (this graph will appear)

(Again, pressing and Arrow right or left will show each value)