Two Proportion Population Test

The following results are for independent random samples taken from two populations:

          Sample 1           Sample 2

           n1 = 200             n2 = 300

            p1 = .22             p2 = .18

Using alpha = .05, test to see if the two population proportion's are the same.

For this problem Ho : p1 - p2 = 0

Ha : p1 - p2 0 so reject Ho if p < .05

Remember x1 = (n1)(p1) = 44 and x2 = (n2)(p2) = 54

On the calculator we once again go to the "TESTS" menu.


Next Arrow right to "TESTS" and Arrow down to "6 : 2-PropZTest..."
(you should be looking at this screen)

Press (you will see this screen)

We will test "".

Finally Arrow down to "Calculate" and press (this screen will appear)

As you can see from the screen the p-value is .270 which is not < .05 so we do not reject Ho.

There is not sufficient evidence at the a = .05 level to reject the claim that these two proportions are the same.