Simple random samples

Always start each new problem from the home screen

Many times you will need to choose a random sample from a population. You can of course use the random number tables found at the back of the book or let the calculator "choose" for you.

Say we want to randomly select 5 people from a class of 20 for a particular study project. First we assign the numbers 1 - 20 to the people in the class. Next we go to the Probability menu on the calculator.

Press Arrow left to " PRB ". Highlight "5 : randInt "


Now you must enter these numbers in this order ( smallest number , largest number , sample size )

For our problem we will enter

Five numbers will be displayed inside set braces . These are the 5 randomly selected people for our study group.

My group will be persons numbered { 4 8 3 5 18 } .
Of course your 5 numbers will most likely be different.