Zoom Menu

Press  to view the zoom menu.

Press  to view more options.

Press the number associated with an option or use the cursor keys to select an option and press .

Press  to select ZBox which defines a viewing window by selecting the corners of the box.

Press  to select Zoom In which displays a smaller viewing area of the graph; magnifying the current graph.

Press  to select Zoom Out which displays a larger viewing area of the graph; reducing the current graph.

Press  to select ZDecimal which sets Xmin = -4.7, Xmax = 4.7, Ymin = -3.1, and Ymax = 3.1. Each pixel represents 0.1 units. The tic marks on each axis are equally spaced.

Press  to select ZSquare which adjusts Xmin and Xmax so that the tic marks on the x axis are spaced the same as those on the y axis. This makes a circle appear round.

Press  to select ZStandard which which sets Xmin = -10, Xmax = 10, Ymin = -10, and Ymax = 10.

Press  to select ZTrig which sets Xmin = -6.152285 about 2, Xmax = 6.152285 about 2, Xscl = 1.5707963 about /2, Ymin = -4, Ymax = 4 and Yscl = 1 in radian mode and Xmin = -352.5, Xmax = 352.5, Xscl = 90, Ymin = -4, Ymax = 4, and Yscl = 1 in degree mode.

Press  to select ZInteger which sets Xscl = 10 and Yscl = 10, and centers the graph at the cursor location.

Press  to select ZoomStat which defines the viewing window so that all data points are shown.

Press  to select ZoomFit which adjusts Ymin and Ymax include the minimum and maximum y values for the selected functions.