Many of the calculator functions are accessed through menus, or a list of items that appear at the bottom of the screen. Each option is associated with the key directly beneath it. For example in

the less than option is associated with the key.

Often there are more options avalable than just the five shown on the screen. This is indicated by an arrow symbol to the right of the last item. To view the others, press . After the last items are shown this returns to the first set.

A menu may contain other menus. For example, the MATH menu (accessed by pressing ) is a menu of other menus.

To exit a menu, press .

A menu item on an upper menu can be accessed by pressing then the corresponding menu key. For example pressing on the above screen gives

Note: For easy access to frequently used items, use the custom menu. To view it, press . To enter items, press .

Type the first letter of a command, then use the cursor keys to scroll to the command itself. Once the command is selected press then the key that corresponds to where the command is to appear in your custom menu. The Custom menu can hold up to 15 items, accessible by pressing . To exit, press .