To access the catalog, simply press CATALOG. The catalog contains an alphabetical index of all commands and symbols available to the TI-89 graphing calculator. The catalog is indexed in alphabetical order, followed by symbols.

You can navigate through the catalog in a variety of ways.

To scroll one line at a time, use the blue up or down arrow key on the thumb pad.

To scroll one page down or up, press , then press the blue down or up arrow on the thumb pad.

To continuously scroll down or up in complete pages, hold down the key and press the down or up arrow on the thumb pad.

To jump to a specific letter, simply press the letter_do not press the key. When you press CATALOG, the calculator is automatically in alpha mode. For example, to jump to the s-listings, simply press S (located above 3).

To quickly locate symbols, from the initial screen first shown above, navigate upwards. This way you can quickly locate inequality symbols for entering piecewise defined functions, for example.