Data Set Entry

A major strength of the TI-89 graphing calculator is the ability to work with a data set. You can enter, plot, and perform a variety of statistical analyses on the data set. Here we indicate how to enter a data set.

Enter a Data Set Press APPS and select 6:Data/Matrix Editor. Press ENTER.

You are given three choices.

1. Current takes you to the current spreadsheet.
2. Open allows you to open a previously entered and named data set
3. New allows you to create and save a new data set. Use this option if you will be working repeatedly with a given data set. This convenient feature means that you wonÕt have to re-enter a data set each time you want to work with it.

1. Current Option
Press 1 or ENTER to select 1:Current. You are then taken to the data spreadsheet (i.e., the data editor). The data cell in row 1 column 1 (r1c1) is highlighted.

If there is an old data set in the spreadsheet, then clear the spreadsheet as follows. Press F1 to access the Tools menu. Press 8 ENTER to select 8:Clear Editor. This returns you to a cleared spreadsheet.

You are now ready to enter your data set. In the cleared spreadsheet, to enter a number into a highlighted cell, type in the number and then press ENTER. You are then taken to the next row in the same column. After completing data entry in a given column, use the thumb pad arrow keys to navigate to another column or cell in the spreadsheet.

2. Open Option
Press 2, or highlight 2:Open and press ENTER, to select 2:Open. The open option allows you to open a previously entered and named data set.

Use the thumb pad arrows to highlight the item after Variable. Then press the right thumb pad arrow to view the pop-up menu of saved files. Highlight the file you want, press ENTER to return to the OPEN menu, then press ENTER again to view the previously saved spreadsheet.

3. New Option
Press 3, or highlight 3:New and press ENTER, to select 3:New. The NEW dialog window appears.

Type in a name for the data set in the Variable box. You may use up to 8 alphanumeric characters for your data set name. The Variable is just like a filename for computers. After typing in the Variable name, press ENTER. Then press ENTER again for the TI-89 to accept the NEW information. You are then taken to the spreadsheet where you can enter your data set.