Math Menu

When a graph is displayed, press F5 to view the Math menu. Press the number to select an option or use the cursor keys to highlight an option. Then press ENTER.

Press to select 1:Value to evaluate a function for a given value of x.

Press to select 2:Zero to find a zero of a function (i.e., an x-intercept).

Press to select 3:Minimum to find a relative minimum.

Press to select 4:Maximum to find a relative maximum.

Press to select 5:Intersection to find a point of intersection.

Press to select 6:Derivatives to find the derivative of a function.

Press to select 7: to find the value of a definite integral.

Press to select 8:Inflection to find the inflection point of a curve.

Press to select 9:Distance to find the distance between two points.

Press A to select A:Tangent to draw a tangent line at a point.

Press B to select B:Arc to find the arc length between two points.

Press C to select C:Shade to shade a portion of a graph.