Set Table Values

Press to view the table set up.

tblStart determines the first x value displayed in the table.

tbl establishes the increment between successive x values.

Independent: Auto displays a table with an automatically generated list of x values based on the established settings.

Press to view the table defined above.

The first x value is 0 and successive x values are 1 unit apart. However, for tblStart=10 and tbl=0.5 generates a table having 10 as the first x value with successive x values 0.5 units apart.

Switching Independent: Auto to Independent: Ask displays a table having no x values.

Enter any x value and the table generates the corresponding y values.

The tblStart and tbl are meaningless when Independent is set to Ask.

Turning Graph - Table: Off to Graph - Table: On displays a table of values based the window dimensions.