Linear Regression

The linear regression option finds the equation of the form y = ax + b that best fits a set of data. First, enter the data.

The data shown here are the points {(2,11.4), (3,17), (5,27.3), (7,36.1), (11,47.7), (13,49.9)}.

Press to view the statistics calculation options.

Press for regressions, then to select linear.

Therefore, the best-fit linear equation for this data is approximately y = 3.53x + 7.42.

The correlation coefficient, r, is about 0.98 and the coefficient of determination, r2, is about 0.96 indicating a good fit.

Note: The resulting linear equation is an exact fit if two nonvertical data points are entered. If an error message occurs, make sure the data was entered correctly or press to view the setup.

Use , , and the menu keys to select List1 for 2Var XList, List2 for 2Var YList, and 1 for 2Var Freq.