List Editor

Choose the List or Stat option from the main menu to edit lists. There are six available lists.

Any entry can be changed. Use the cursor keys to navigate between lists and up and down within a list. To edit an entry type the new number and press . The entry is changed and the cursor highlights the next entry.

To enter an entire list at once, select the list name at the top and type the entries in braces separated by commas. For example to enter 2, 3.4, 7, and 8 in list 3, enter:

2, 3.4, 7, 8

Any entry can be deleted. Highlight the cell and press . All list elements below the deleted one move up one place.

An entry can be inserted. Highlight the cell below which an entry is to be inserted. Press . The value is inserted above the highlighted element. All list elements below the inserted one will be moved down one.

Caution: Deleting and inserting elements may misalign the data with other lists. If the list is being used to hold points for statistical analysis, delete the coordinate in the corresponding list as well.