Mode Menu

Press .

To change a setting, use the cursor to highlight the desired setting and press through to select the desired option. Then press .

Mode normal arithmetic (comp) or integer math in different bases
Function Type indicates the kind of function to graph
Draw Type connect the points when graphing
Derivative show the derivative while tracing a graph and in a table
Angle sets the calculator to interpret angles as radians, degrees, or grads
Coordinates show the coordinates in the lower half of the graph screen for cursor location
Grid grid on graph window
Axes axes on graph window
Label label axes on graph window
Number Display how to display numbers. Fix (round numbers at a spicific digit), scientific (round to a fixed number of significant figures) Normal, and Engineering (always show powers of ten from 18 to -15 by the engineering symbol from Exa to femto. For example,1234 is 1.234k and 1.234x10-11 is 12.34p.)