Linear Regression

The linear regression option finds the equation of a linear equation of the form y = a + bx that best fits a set of data.First, press selecting option AEDIT to enter or change the data .

The data shown here is the points {(2,11.4) (3,17) (5,27.3) (7,36.1) (11,47.7) (13,49.9)}

Press DREG to view the regression options.

For linear regression, select option 02Rg_ax+b using or 03Reg_a+bx using

Press and select one of the linear regression options in the calculation screen. Now press followed by .

Therefore, the best-fit linear equation for this data is approximately

y = 7.42 + 3.53x

The regression equation can be automatically stored in the equation editor by entering the name of the equation, such as y1, after (L1,L2 as follows: choose option A and select y1 followed by .

Note:The resulting linear equation is an exact fit if two data points with different x values are entered. The Sharp does not calculate the correlation coefficient r and the coefficient of determination, r2.