Zoom Menu

While viewing a graph, press to view the zoom menu.

Use to select one of the nine options.

1. Auto redraws the graph to match new window.

2. Box defines a viewing window by selecting the corners of the box.

3. In displays a smaller viewing area of the graph; magnifying the current graph.

4. Out displays a larger viewing area of the graph; reducing the current graph.

5. Default sets xmin = -10, xmax = 10, ymin = -10, and ymax = 10.

6. Square adjusts xmin and xmax so that the tic marks on the x axis are spaced the same as those on the y axis. This makes a circle appear round.

7. Dec sets each screen pixel to 0.1 units.

8. Int sets each screen pixel to 1 unit.

9. Stat displays data in a statistics list as discete points.