Exponential Regression

The exponential regression option finds the equation of an exponential equation of the form
y = abx that best fits a set of data. First, enter the data . Press .

The values of y must be greater than zero. (This is because the method for determining the values of a and b in the regression equation is a least-squares fit on the values for x and ln y.) Press and use to select CALC.

Press . (The exponential regression option can also be obtained by using the to select option 0 and pressing ) and then .

Therefore, the best-fit exponential equation for this data is approximately y = 3.67(1.69)x. The TI-83 calculates the correlation coefficient, r. In this case, r is about 0.996. The value of r lies between -1 and 1, inclusive. It is a measure of how well the regression equation fits the data. A value of -1 or 1 indicates a perfect fit. It also calculates the value of the coefficient of determination, r2.

The TI-83 stores the regression equation. The equation can be graphed and is transfered to without typing the equation as follows. Press and use to select EQ.

Press to view the regression equation and press . The equation is now entered in . Press . The data points can also be viewed. Access STAT PLOTS by pressing to turn the plots on. Press .

Note: The TI-83 calculates the correlation coefficient r and the coefficient of determination r2.