Matrices can be typed in by row or edited in the matrix editor. The editor is accessed by pressing .

While in the matrix edit mode, type in a name for the matrix. For example to name it matrix A, press .

Then, enter the dimensions of the matrix. For example, to create a 2 x 3 matrix (2 rows 3 columns) named A, press

The "1 , 1 = 0" on the bottom of the screen means that the row 1, column 1 entry is 0. Navigate among the rows and columns using the cursor keys.
Press the key to move to the next element on the right and from the end of one row to the beginning of the next.

There are several matrix operations in the matrix menu ( ) under MATH, OPS, and CPLX. Many of the normal operations such as multiplication, x-1, and even sin work on matrices, though they are often given different definitions in this context.


When viewing a matrix to large to fit on the screen the TI will indicate this with ellipses (...) to the right and/or left, and an arrow top and/or bottom. Use the cursor keys to see more.