Number Menu

Press to view the Math NUM menu.

Press the menu key associated with a symbol.

Press to view more options.

Press to select round which rounds a number to a given number of places.

Press to select iPart which returns the integer part of a number.

Press to select fPart which returns the fractional (decimal) part of a number. This is the same as the number minus its integer part.

Press to select int which returns the greatest integer less than or equal to the argument.

Press and select abs to find the absolute value of a real or complex number.

Press to select sign which finds the sign of a number x as x/|x| for nonzero x and 0 if x is 0.

Press to select min which returns the smaller of two arguments.

Press to select max which returns the larger of the two arguments.

Press to select modulo which finds the remainder when the first argument is divided by the second.

The options round, min, and max take two arguments each, separated by a comma, and enclosed by a pair of parentheses.

These functions can be evaluated on each element in a list. For example,
fpart { 1.23 , 4.32 , 1.5 , -2.333 } returns { .23 .32 .5 -.333 }.