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To change a setting, use the cursor to highlight the desired option and press .

Normal Sci Eng indicates if the numbers are to be displayed in a normal, scientific, or engineering format.

Float 0123... indicates whether the decimal is floating and the number of digits displayed.

Radians Degree sets the calculator to interpret angles as radians or degrees.

RectC PolarC specifies rectangular, or polar display of complex values.

Func Pol Param DifEq indicates the type of graph.

Dec Bin Oct Hex indicates what base the TI-86 uses to display values, base 10, 2, 8, or 16.

RectV CylV SphereV specifies whether vectors are displayed in rectangular, cylindrical, or spherical form.

dxDer1 dxNDer specifies the method for calculating derivatives for the graphing functions, numerical or exact.