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Press .

To change a setting, use the cursor to highlight the desired option and press .

Graph indicates the type of graph.

Current Folder specifies the folder.

Display Digits indicates the number of digits and format.

Angle sets the calculator to interpret angles in radians or degrees.

Exponential Format specifies normal, scientific, or engineering notation.

Complex Format specifies real, rectangular, or polar display of complex results.

Vector Format specifies whether vectors are displayed in rectangular, cylindrical, or spherical form.

Pretty Print sets the calculator to display mathematical results in a linear or mathematical format.

Split Screen designates the whole or split screen format.

Split 1 App specifies the application for the screen.

Split 2 App specifies the application for the screen.

Number of Graphs indicates which parts of a split screen displays graphs.

Graph 2 specifies the type of graph for the second graph.

Split Screen Ratio sets the size ratio for the split screen.

Exact/Approx specifies how rational expressions are calculated.

Base changes the base from decimal to hexadecimal or binary.

Unit System changes from dollars to foreign currency.