Current List Editor

Press to edit the current lists.

Press or to view the contents of any of the 99 lists.

Notice the cursor is in row 3 column 2 (r3c2). (Any column can be cleared using the clear columns option.) Use the cursor keys to view the contents of other columns or additional entries in a list.

Any entry can be changed. For example, to change the 5/2 entry in row 2 column 1 (r2c1) to 3.25, highlight the 5/2, type in the correction, 3.25, and press .

The entry is changed and the cursor highlights the next entry.

Note: Any entry can be deleted. Highlight the cell and press . All list elements below the deleted one move up one place.

An entry can be inserted. Highlight the cell below which an entry is to be inserted. Press . The value is inserted above the highlighted element. All list elements below the inserted one will be moved down one.