II. Setting a Window - Finding One That Works

B. Examples

5. Exponential Examples

Make certain you enter the exponential functions correctly.

i) Example 1: Graph the function . ZOOM 4 does not give a good graph, but a look at the table indicates that ZOOM 6 will be a good window to use.

Enter the function
Use ZOOM 4
Use ZOOM 6


ii) Example 2: Graph the function . You can see that ZOOM 4 doesn't show any of the graph, but ZOOM 6 does show the graph. Notice that the domain of the function is X>5/3.

Enter the function
Using ZOOM 4
Using ZOOM 6

iii) Example 3: Graph the function . Instead of using TABLE to find this window, we will use the TRACE feature to determine a proper viewing window. You can see that the Y-values are quite small, so the window will have to reflect that.

Enter the function.
Start with ZOOM 4
and use TRACE
to find values.
Use these values to
set the window.
Check negative
Set the window.
Graph the function.