III. Working With A Graph


The TABLE function is more versatile than TRACE in evaluating a function because you are not restricted to any range of values. You can use a full screen for TABLE or you can use a split screen by changing the MODE.

Example 1: Graph the function shown below and then use TABLE in full screen and split screen to evaluate the function.

Enter the function.
Graph with ZOOM4.
Evaluate with
the TABLE.
Go to MODE
and change.
Graph the function.
Use TRACE and
notice the change
in the TABLE.

One valuable use of TABLE is to examine the behavior of a function right around certain values or to look at extremely large values of x. This is useful in both algebra and calculus when analyzing the behavior of functions around vertical and horizontal asymptotes.

Example 2: Look at values of the function very close to x=2 and then look at values of x as it increases in value.

Enter the function.
Graph with
Access the TABLE.
Evaluate for
large values.

Use a table to evaluate a function at values that are beyond the range of [Xmin, Xmax].