II. Function Keys

B. 2nd Key

The button is used to access all of the 2nd functions - those that are printed above the keys. They are printed in yellow. Each of these can be accessed by first pressing and then the desired function.

There are several applications of the key that are not apparent by looking at the keypad. These applications will enable you to edit your entries more efficiently and quickly and control the contrast on the screen.

1. Changing the contrast: Darken and Lighten the Screen.

When batteries get weak, the screen will get lighter. You can darken your screen by using repeatedly until the screen is as dark as you like.

To lighten your screen, use .

As you lighten and darken your screen, you will see numbers in the upper right hand part of the home screen. The maximum number is 9. You should replace your batteries before you need to have the contrast set this high.

2. Move from one end of a line to another.

You can move to the beginning of a line by pressing and you can move to the end of a line by pressing . This will allow you to edit a line without having to scroll all the way to the end or beginning of the line. These keys work like the "Home" and "End" keys do on a computer.

3. Recall previous entries.

You can recall previous entries by pressing , which brings up a storage area called ENTRY. You can press these keys and recall numerous entries, up to a total of 128 bytes. Since there is a storage limit, the number of entries you can recall will vary.

Once you have recalled an entry you can then edit it or just re-evaluate it.